French overseas territories

Your costumers are more and more interested in long-haul destinations in the Indian, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean for their winter getaway. A thousand miles from mainland France you will find the French Overseas Territories.

These destinations are ideal as they offer the convenience and level of service one can find in Mainland France and Europe, only more exotic and warmer!

Each of these destinations offers activities for exceptional settings in hiking trails, fauna and flora, sea beds, volcanoes and oceans are available for all hikers, scuba divers and water sports fans to explore.

  • The biggest lagoon in the world in located in New Caledonia
  • You will find a rich flora and fauna in Reunion Island where the ocean also offers the possibility to dive with whales when the season comes


French gastronomy with a touch
The reputation of French gastronomy is not limited to France’s continental cuisine! Sweet, savory, colourful and spicy… Overseas French cuisine is a veritable blend of cultures and an exotic culinary adventure.

In New Caledonia you should try a traditional Kanak dish called bougna, which is Asian inspired and made with meat or fish marinated in coconut milk, yams, taros and sweet potatoes. It simmers for hours in banana leaves, on the hot stones of the Kanak oven.

Reunion Island has welcomed flavors from around the world, including curcuma, cardamom, ginger and quatre épices (four spice). The Islands former name, Bourbon, reveals the Islands long history with vanilla and a local tradition-inspired savoir-faire. The vanilla of Reunion Island differentiate from the other vanilla producers in the Indian Ocean, it is used in pastries, in punch, rum and coffee, as well as in other dishes, like the famous canard à la vanilla (vanilla duck).


Facts about the oversea Islands
The French Overseas Territories cover almost 120 000 km², are home to more than 2.6 million people and include:

  • In the Indian Ocean: Reunion Island, Mayotte, the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  • In the Pacific Ocean: French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna
  • In the Atlantic Ocean: The islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

At French Travel Week you will have the chance to talk with represents from Reunion Island and New Caledonia as well as Air France connecting Scandinavia to all of the French overseas territories. They are looking forward to telling you about the unique experiences your clients can witness on their islands.


Both Reunion Island and New Caledonia is the perfect location if your clients are looking for

  • Active (hiking, climbing, water sports…)
  • Romance (spend a romantic holiday with your partner in an exotic environment)
  • Nature (enjoy the extra ordinary fauna and flora, sea beds, volcanoes, lagoons and oceans)
  • Culture (experience the special mix of French and local culture mixed together for an unique island feeling)
  • Gastronomy (taste the exotic and gastronomic dishes that change from Island to Island)


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